Qoil Hydraulic AW Series has a lubricating effect, reducing friction to make movement between parts smooth and efficient. Preventing substances from outside from entering the system to create many debris that causes machines to wear out, causing system failures, if in long-term will damage the machine and even endanger the operator.


  • Superior anti-wear technology: Superior anti-corrosion ability is 1.5 times higher than conventional hydraulic oil, helping to protect machinery comprehensively
  • Water separability: QOil hydraulic oil is capable of automatically separating water when oil is contaminated with water very well.


Proiperties Unit AW32 AW64 AW68
Tỷ trọng ở 15 độ C kg/l 0,876 0,861 0,897
Chỉ số độ nhớt ở 40oC mm2/s 32.00 46.00 68.00
Chỉ số độ nhớt ở 100oC mm2/s 5.35 6.97 8.70
Chỉ số độ nhớt (VI) 98 110 102
Nhiệt độ chớp cháy  oC 205 215 220
Nhiệt độ đông đặc oC -18 -18 -20
Chỉ số acid mgKOH/g 0,40 0,40 0,40